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Duck Hunting Game

Duck Hunt

Classic nintendo duck hunting game shoot down the ducks, but you can also shoot that stupid annoying dog too, free online duck game to enjoy.
Bird Hunt Game Bird Hunting Game
Shoot as many birds as you can.
Ghost Motel 7 Ghost Motel 7
Join up the demon hunter academy and become a certified hunting killing machine.
Kickback Can Hurt Kickback Can Hurt
Have you ever gotten bored on a hunting trip?
Hunting Kid Hunting Kid
Small boy tries to shoot a bird.
Killing Killing
This is an interesting discussion about whether hunting is for food or fun.
Hunting With Peter

Hunting With Peter

Your goal is to get as many deer as you can. Move your mouse to direct the aim of your shot. You only have 4 shots per round so be sure to remember to reload. If Chris happens to walk in your way don't shoot him or the game will be over. Happy Hunting!
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